Mark Hill

An introduction to U.S. Capital Gains for international clients. I.Introduction to the U.S. Capital Gains System Economists specify a capital gain as the distinction between the price gotten from selling […]

When we die, our property typically goes through probate– a process where the courts read our Will (if we have one), appoint an executor of our estate and identify how […]

Inheriting money is a bittersweet event. While we may unexpectedly discover ourselves in an economically beneficial position, we have actually also suffered the loss of a relative or friend. There […]

The majority of people sign up for several commonly-held myths concerning long-term care Medicaid. This short article seeks to dispel a few of those misconceptions. Long-lasting Care Medicaid is a […]

You can withdraw money from your IRA at any time, but there are often charges or earnings tax associated. The guidelines differ depending upon whether you have a Roth or […]